Carpet cleaning - why choose a professional?

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Carpet cleaning – why choose a professional?

One thing we probably all have in common is wanting to save money!

But when it comes to having your carpets cleaned, if saving money means cutting corners then you won’t always get the best results.

That’s where LDM Services can help you. We won’t let you down.

We recently had a customer who had chosen another company to clean her carpets as they “were cheaper.” 

But it was definitely a case of ‘you get what you pay for’ here, as the customer then came to LDM Services to ask us to clean the carpet professionally to get rid of the stains the other company had left behind. And she was over the moon with the results!

See below the picture of this customer's carpet after the first company had cleaned it (above) and after LDM Services has cleaned it professionally (below).


Dirty carpet before


Carpet after LDM Services had cleaned it

LDM Services offers you:

  • Professional, quality carpet cleaning services
  • The results you want – no more stains!
  • State-of-the-art cleaning technology
  • A friendly, knowledgeable team who are always willing to help
  • A reliable service – we won’t let you down!


Domestic and commercial cleaning

LDM Services has many loyal domestic customers, and also serves lots of commercial clients.

We currently have commercial clients in Bristol, Taunton, Exeter and Plymouth Harbour. 

We recently cleaned Long Ashton Cricket Club’s carpets – and they were so pleased with the results they’ve booked us in for next year already! See the results below.


Long Ashton Cricket Club carpet before



Long Ashton Cricket Club carpet after being cleaned by LDM Services

LDM Services can assure you the best possible service and quality. But don’t just take our word for it – read our many testimonials from happy customers.

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