Window Cleaning

Would you like your windows cleaned professionally, as often as is convenient to you? 

Cleaning your windows can be a strenuous, time-consuming chore, which can often leave you feeling unsatisfied with the results.  

LDM Services offers a high quality, professional and friendly window, UPVC and guttering cleaning service.  

You can choose to use this service daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. 

Our window cleaning services include: 

  • UPVC windows
  • Wooden Windows
  • Conservatories
  • Guttering
  • Fascias
  • Shop fronts
  • Office Windows


Benefits of having your windows cleaned by LDM Services




Boost the appeal of your home

Whether you're trying to sell your home, or are simply trying to impress your guests or neighbours; having your windows and UPVC professionally cleaned can make your home look well kept and extra clean.


Protect your windows

Having dirt on your windows can cause scratches to the glass. Over time this can lead to damaged windows which are difficult to look out from. A regular clean can prevent this process.


Safer than doing it yourself

Cleaning windows can be a dangerous task. The use of a ladder comes with a risk of injury. Having your windows cleaned by LDM Services eliminates the risk to you.


Better end-results

Without the right tools and products, a window that is not professionally cleaned can be left with smudges and marks. By choosing LDM Services, you can be sure your windows will be left gleaming and spotless.

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