Using Professional Stain Removal on your Carpets and why it’s Beneficial

12th August 2016 Posted by: Lee Moore

It happens to the best of us. An accidental spill on your brand new, pristine carpet is not what anyone wants.

Whether it is coffee, wine or even dirt tracked into the house, it is never a pleasant experience. The immediate panic will set in and everyone will frantically try and clean a spill with whatever product they have or myth they have heard.  

You’ll hear the old wives tales that to remove red wine you can use white wine. Unfortunately if you do this all you will essentially be left with is a nice rosé in your carpet. Follow this advice and I can guarantee that you’ll be able to take pride in a marvellously clean carpet with the use of professional stain removal and cleaning.

There of course are ways that you will be able to try and lift stains from your carpet yourself. The list on the Internet is endless. However it is recommended by most experts that you should professionally deep clean your carpet every 12 to 18 months. This keeps it healthy and will 100% get those tough stains out that some products you can buy simply won’t.

I’m not going to argue that some stains are easy to remove but others do require expert touch, special equipment and detergents. However as this is a recommended requirement if you want to keep your carpet looking fresh and vibrant, then here are a few questions that you may want to ask ahead of someone popping round to your home to remove stains and clean your carpets.

“Do you vacuum before deep cleaning the carpet?” - The answer to this question should really be yes. By hovering before you get down to cleaning the carpet you lift away a lot of surface dirt, or anything trapped between the fibers. This is something that all professionals should do and it makes an amazing difference to end job!

“How much will it cost?” – Some people will be shy when it comes to this. They won’t get a quote on the phone and an unprofessional business can sometimes leave you with a nasty surprise. When you’re on the phone, you should get an estimate that you’re comfortable with.

Measuring the area to give the cleaners an idea of the size they’re working with is always a great idea. Some businesses will charged based on the number of rooms cleaned but in essence it really should be the area.

“Do you move the furniture or should I have it moved before you arrive?” – This again is an important question. Some organizations will charge extra to move the furniture in your home, so when you originally enquire about what needs done, double check and save yourself a bit extra on the bill!

Once everything is settled and you are comfortable with the service that is going to be provided, there are a few considerations for when the cleaners arrive.

Be sure to point out any problem areas, spots or pet stains that need special attention – I have always been taught that if you don’t ask then you don’t get. If you have a really annoying stain that’s been bugging you for quite some time, make sure you point out and ask if they can definitely get rid of it. Most places will gladly pay more attention to a certain area to make sure they are doing a top job!

Many warranties also require you to check with the carpet manufacturer before allowing additional treatments, such as re-applying stain treatments or anti-static treatments. 

Always make sure to try and check your warranties. I know it’s not something that you keep in a wallet or purse and use everyday, but reading through it before hand or showing it to the cleaners as they arrive will make sure that they don’t ruin any warranty that is in place.

Finally, wait for the carpet to dry completely before walking on it or moving the furniture back into the room. - If you replace the furniture too quickly, rust or stains from paint or finishes could mar the carpet permanently. Nobody wants to pay to have their carpet looking a million dollars and then be disappointed if it becomes dirty and your furniture looks worse for wear!

I have to really recommend following this advice. Nobody wants to ruin a carpet in any room of your home. Sometimes homemade remedies and shop bought cleaners just won’t cut it when it comes to tough stains, so make sure you take pride in your carpet!


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