A week in the life of professional carpet cleaners LDM Services

14th March 2018 Posted by: Lee Moore

We don’t just clean carpets. We don’t just clean windows. We don’t just clean gutters. We do it all! So a week for us at LDM Services can be interesting…

A week in the life of LDM Services

This week we’ve put John from LDM Services through his paces, and he has professionally cleaned 1,600 square metres of carpet in a Bristol office.

At LDM Services we use the unique Texatherm Cleaning System to clean carpets, which can reduce cleaning time by up to 60%. It’s also perfect for domestic carpet cleans, too, as:

  • it’s safe for wool carpets
  • it’s environmentally friendly
  • it leaves no sticky residues.

John from LDM Services cleaning office carpets

Not only that but he also cleaned all the internal windows in one day! Talk about efficient. Well done John!

Carpet cleaned by LDM Services

Office carpet cleaned by LDM Services

As well as the professional carpet clean-athon, we’ve also been up there cleaning gutters using the brilliant Gutter Vac. Blocked gutters can cause big issues if left untouched so these are always important jobs. Have a look at the before, during and after images below to see LDM Services in action.

Before, during and after gutter cleaning by LDM Services


Find out why it’s important to get your guttersprofessionally cleaned – read our blog ‘5 reasons to call in a professional’.


Carpet cleaning emergency!

Not all our carpet cleaning bookings are advance planned. This week we also complete an emergency carpet clean!

A baby vomited on a doctor’s surgery carpet so we were on hand to clean it as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure it was hygienically clean for the patients. We won’t provide you with hte 'before' images of that job!

No sign of any baby vomit now!

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